2023 Conference Program

Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers Program
June 1, 2023

York University
HNE 141

(All times in the Eastern Time Zone)

Revelatory Evils and the Goodness of God
Dr. Michael Ashfield
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Utah State University
Chair: Anthony Rowden

The Virtues of Superessentialism
Dr. Jeremy Skrzpek
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Ohio Dominican University
Chair: Joshua Brecka

“Kierkegaard’s Dialectical Ethic”
Michael Regier, University of Sheffield
Chair: Nebi Mehdiyev

10:30–11:30am Keynote Address
“Anti-theism Versus the ‘Judo Moves'”
Klaas Kraay, Toronto Metropolitan University
Professor of Philosophy
Chair: W. Paul Franks, Tyndale University