Call for Papers : UPDATED


Due to the coronavirus, Congress 2020 has been cancelled at Western University. Although there will be attempts by various associations to move some of the activities online, the Executive of the CSCP has elected to cancel this year’s conference.

Next year’s conference will take place as part of Congress 2021. The Call for Papers will be posted in fall of 2020.


Appel de textes :

Appel de Textes : Réunion annuelle 2020
La Société Canadienne des Philosophes Chrétiens et Chrétiennes

Call for Papers: 2020 Annual Meeting Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers

La Société Canadienne des Philosophes Chrétiens et Chrétiennes tiendra sa réunion annuelle le 1 Juin 2020 dans le cadre du congrès annuel de l’Association Canadienne de Philosophie qui se déroulera à l’Université Western. Les participants sont invités à soumettre des résumés des propositions dans un domaine de la philosophie dont les philosophes Chrétiens et Chrétiennes s’en intéressent (ce domaine étant entendu dans un sens large). Les textes soumis, qui feront l’objet d’une évaluation anonyme, doivent comporter moins de 500 mots et doivent être transmis dans des fichiers de format MS Word, pdf ou rtf. Ils peuvent être rédigés en Français ou en Anglais. Ceux qui sont intéressés sont priés de faire parvenir leur proposition, au plus tard le 1er février 2020, à Prof. Jennifer Hart Weed, par courriel à l’adresse suivante : L’intervenant principal lors de notre réunion cette année sera Prof. Graeme Hunter, professeur de recherche de la Faculté de philosophie au Collège Universitaire Dominicain:  “This Insubstantial Pageant.”  Pour obtenir des nouvelles et des renseignements concernant notre Société et sa réunion annuelle, visitez le site Web : www.cscp-

Call for Papers:

The Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers will hold its annual meeting on June 1, 2020 as part of the Annual Congress of the Canadian Philosophical Association, which will be held this year at Western University in London, Ontario.  We invite submissions in any field of philosophy, that, by virtue of its topic, may be of particular interest to Christian philosophers. Please submit an abstract of no more than 500 words (which should be formatted as a Word, pdf, or rtf document). Submissions may be in either French or English. Those who are interested should send their abstract, prepared for blind review, to Prof. Jennifer Hart Weed: Deadline: February 1st, 2020. Our main event will be a lecture by Professor Graeme Hunter, Research Professor at Dominican University College in Ottawa:  “This Insubstantial Pageant.”  For updates and for information on the society, visit our website:

Additional Calls for Papers:

Philosophy and the Sciences
2020 Mountain-Pacific Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers

Trinity Western University, Langley, BC.

May 8 – 9, 2020

Keynote Speaker: Helen De Cruz, St. Louis University


We invite paper submissions (3,000 words, maximum) on any topic in philosophy, with priority given to submissions that address the conference theme or engage Christian philosophy, broadly construed. We welcome submissions from both Christians and others as presenters, commentators, and participants. All submissions should be prepared for blind review and saved as either Word or PDF files. In your submission email, please use the subject heading “SCP TWU Submission.” Please indicate whether you would be willing to serve as a commentator or session chair should your paper not be accepted for presentation. Note that there is a $500 (USD) prize for the best student paper. Students wishing to have their submission considered for this prize should indicate so in their submission email, including both their degree program and institution of study.

Submissions that address the conference theme may wish to consider any of the following questions or topic areas:

Is there a Christian philosophy of science?
Experimental philosophy after two decades: what have we learned?
Scientific explanation: its nature, potential, and limitations.
Scientific understanding: its nature and relationship to other modes of understanding.
Empiricism within the history of philosophy.
Philosophical implications of cognitive science of religion.
On the use and abuse of science in philosophy.
Scientific method(s) in epistemological perspective.
Realism and anti-realism in philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, and theology.
Ethical implications of scientific advances in physical and life sciences.
Climate science in philosophical perspective.

In addition, we invite abstract submission for participation in two plenary panels:

Teaching and Philosophy
Faith and Philosophy
If you wish to participate in one of the panels, please send an abstract (300 word maximum) to by Jan. 15, 2020. Abstracts should include:

For the “Teaching and Philosophy” panel: Your name, institution, average class size, demographic, range of courses you teach, and a brief account of what you would like to contribute. We are looking for panel participants to share wisdom and insight concerning the teaching of philosophy, including experiences, resources, and ideas that will support teachers of philosophy.
For the “Faith and Philosophy” panel: Your name, institution, and a brief account of what you would like to contribute. Submissions need not be restricted to the following, but here is a general sampling of the kinds of topics this panel could engage: What effect, if any, has your faith had on your decision to study and practice philosophy? How has your faith been strengthened, undermined, or both by your work in philosophy? What advice would you give to those (Christians and others) who are either curious about or suspicious of philosophy in general, and of Christian philosophy in particular?
Please send submissions, requests to chair or comment, and any other conference questions to Myron A. Penner at